Un-registered Contractor — Law Suit, Lien Foreclosure

Every now and then a person will ask me if an un-registered contractor who has provided services to them can file suit or enforce a lien.  The answer is no.  No registration, no right to sue or enforce a lien.  Here is what the applicable Washington statute (RCW 18.27.080) says:

No … contractor may bring or maintain any action in any court of this state for the collection of compensation for the performance of any work or for breach of any contract for which registration is, required under this chapter without alleging and proving that he was a duly registered contractor and held a current and valid certificate of registration at the time he contracted for the performance of such work or entered into such contract. …

See also,  Andries v. Covey, 128 Wn. App. 546, 552, 113 P.3d 483 (2005) (stating that the CRA “prohibits any persons who is required to be registered as a contractor but has failed to do so, from … fil[ing] or foreclose[ing] a lien.”)

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