Three police officers murdered in Baton Rouge, Louisiana

The tragedies continue in the United States, France, Turkey, Pakistan and elsewhere.  I think there is a common denominator.

I have been reading the Einstein-Freud Correspondence, Why War? Reading the correspondence again and again, letting objectivity sink in, avoiding easy explanations.  Next, I read Freud’s Civilization and its Discontents.  Then I moved on to reflect on what I had learned from reading and studying Ernst Becker’s Denial of Death and his understanding of what Otto Rank had to say.  Becker referred to the purpose of individuality as a “sui generis project.”

And today I am reading Eric Hoffer’s The True Believer.

I have concluded at least for now that I think there is a world wide revolution taking place.  It is caused by millions of people who are discontented and some of who have turned their discontent into nihilistic judgment of power and death.  Whether the discontented person is from America or Syria, the motivation is the same  — death, death of others and oneself all at the same time.

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