Thinking of the Washington Lawyer Discipline System

The WSBA says that it and its members are champions for justice.  I like that.  If it is true, it is an honor to be a member of the “profession of the bar.”  A very pleasing and inspiring notion.  I wonder:  Is the Washington State Bar Association truly a champion of justice?  Is the Washington Lawyer Discipline System an example of a system which is a champion of justice?  I think not.  For starters, a system of justice which is, in all its aspects, a system whose functions are performed by those selected by the WSBA is not a system which is the champion of justice.  It is clearly wrong to allow an interested party to select all the members of the system, and it is clearly wrong to have aspects of the system which advance the interest of the WSBA.  No one can honestly say that the system is one those who care about justice is a systemic championing of justice.

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