Diocese of Spokane: Ex Vicar-General Criticizes Bishop Departing to be Bishop of the Diocese of Chicago

Circa Mid-November 2014 — Former Diocese of Spokane Vicar General Steve Dublinski

All over America the Catholic Church is struggling with the history of sexual abuse in the church. The church is not alone. The problem of past sexual abuse by people of power in a diverse array of institutions has been coming to the fore, into consciousness, and into material world of the legal systems. Besides the Catholic Church others in trouble include Mormons, Boy Scouts, schools, colleges, caregivers and related institutions, etc.

The time of troubles of the Diocese of Spokane, Washington is of interest for all who care to understand how the Diocese of Spokane is dealing with its troubles. It is undergoing a “twist” of sorts at present:  Blasé Cupich, the most recent Bishop of Spokane, brought a diocese legal malpractice action against the law firm which represented Bishop William Skylstad, the Bishop which led the diocese through the initiation and finalization of a Chapter 11 Bankruptcy Arrangement.  (Bankruptcy is often resorted to regarding multiple claims against an entity.  See Richard B. Sobol, Bending the Law, The Story of the Dalkon Shield Bankruptcy.) News about the most recent development in the “struggle of the Diocese of Spokane” can be found in this story in the Spokesman-Review — Ex Vicar-General Critical of Lawsuit.

The Spokesman-Review has done a number of stories about the lawsuit by the Catholic Bishop of Spokane against Paine Hamblin.  Many of them can be found in the column to the right of story’s webpage under “Related Stories.”

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